Quality Inspection

Quality Policy

     In the manufacturing industry, quality assurance is a top priority to ensure that the customers get flawless products that are free from issues and can cater to their needs. Any product which is produced in the wrong way or has defects can put the customer at risk. For the company, defective products result in costly recalls or damage to the business’s reputation. It is therefore paramount for manufacturing companies to have a definite quality policy established but, what comprises the quality policy of a manufacturing company is a big question! Quality assurance is not only about checking the raw materials or preventing inefficiencies in the manufacturing processes. There is lots more to achieve with the quality policy .

Picture Measuring M/C (2D)

Handy Probe 3D Dimensional M/C

Pull Strength test M/C

Non-Contact Video Measuring M/C

Salt Spray Test M/C

Clamp force tester

Coating thickness tester

Rockwell Hardness M/C

Oven Tester

quality and environment policy

     We are committed to developing good quality according to the concept of continuous 5S development. To minimize losses On-time delivery and environmental protection while preventing pollution.

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